::Current Weather on Valesk::

Temperatures have begun to rise, 35F/2C during the daylight hours, lows of 30F/-1 as night falls.
The weather is starting to clear, though no new precipitation has fallen the blanket of previous snowstorms remains on the ground.

 :: Current Location of Valesk::

The Isle is now entering range of Hokoth and The Dread Isles; As the Island gets warmer, the Waters surrounding appears colder and more desolate.

 :: Sim-Wide News::

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:: Faction Updates::

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City of Myrinne:

  • ::EVENT:: Ladies day at The Bathhouse in Myrrine 3/28/19
  • A new Viceroy by the name of Vertellis Vintinus has taken over the city and has declared himself in charge of Myrinne and the Legion as of 3/13/19 and his official ceremony will be on 3/14/19 around Noon.
  • Whispers could be heard that the new Viceroy has already met with the Baroness of Idoreth, and a notice had been sent out that all hostilities with Idoreth have ceased and that the Legion for the time being will be reinforcing the borders.
  • The hunt for a new Viscount is still underway though there have been reports of a few people on the new Viceroys list that he hopes to be in contact with personally, and soon.
  • The Voice of the Sun who made an appearance Lady Yvresse of the Tal'En'Anar wished to congratulate and discuss the continuing alliance between the two factions, in this Vertellis responded with "There will be no renewal until we get it down on paper, but I wish to remain on friendly terms."
  • So far the Viceroy has met with High Bow Zasha for the Wardens, and seemed to be interested in helping the Wardens keep the peace and balance of the Island as a top priority as well, also news reaches outwards that the Queen of the Tides has met with the Viceroy after the ban was lifted, it seems that they left in an amicable state for a future appointment to be made.
  • The Viceroy has also met with Ulfric Mela while the discussion was made public, they seemed to have left on friendly terms with hopes of making a new friendship there as well
  • Businesses still need to be filled:
    • The Imperial Refinery(Blacksmith)
    • The Ivory Hall (Scholars' Hall)
    • The Northside Port
    • The Puffed Oven (Bakery)

Conclave of Astreya:

  • ::EVENT:: A combat class will be held on Monday 18th at 11:00AM SLT.
  • Following the events of the previous week, the Conclave has been enjoying a more quiet period. Leonara has been charged with research for the return to Sar'Skri so the Astreyans can still aid the Arch Mage of Jomor.
  • We are still in search of Scholars wishing to teach the students of the conclave

City of Idoreth:

  • The new Viceroy visited Idoreth to discuss political matters after the many events that recently took place between the undercity and the rest of the island.
  • Idoreth detained several Myrrine citizens after an odd encounter between individual parties, it’s rumored they are being released after the diplomatic visit from Myrrine.
  • Idoreth’s monthly Dark Mass has been prepared and will take place inside the Sacellum, the second Saturday of the present month.
  • The temperature inside the caverns that conform Idoreth is starting to cool down slightly.
  • The auction is rumored to take place in the last days of the month and shipments have been spotted coming and going from the harbor more regularly.

Na Seauir:

  • Upcoming Events:
    • Fae Gathering: (Meeting, Season Alignments) 3-19-19
    • Spring Festival: 3-20-19 (Celebration/Event)
    • Spring Equinox: (Quest/Mission) 3-19-19 through 3-23-19
  • Open positions:
    • Voice of Winter and Summer still open [Contact Nariel(ellaquen.Resident) for more info]
    • Wilds Caomhnoir looking to fill their ranks with able guardians of the wilds [Contact Nariel or Lady Asha for more details.]
  • Char’Karu is welcomed as the new Voice of Spring
  • The An Banrion attended the Council of whispers summit. Afterwards decreeing a conditional end of hostilities with the Vathia Nera.
  • Hostilities have increased towards the demonic and undeath. Spawning swift response to encroachment within the wilds.
  • The Fae have started preparations for the change of seasons. Winter and Spring aligned Fae coordinate efforts to see life’s vibrance start to peak out.

Vathia Nera:

  • ::EVENT:: The Vathia Nera invite Valesk to join them on the beach Saturday 3/23 @ 10am SLT to watch migrating whales migrate north right on our shore, and a champion’s tournament! There will be food, drinks, games and we promise not to eat any of you. :)
  • ::Private Event:: Mer Council Sunday 3/17 @ 8am SLT
  • The bans have been lifted across the isle, Vathia Nerans are welcome to travel freely
  • Spring is soon! The ocean has begun to flip and the warm waters from the bottom as starting to rise to the top. The turn brings tons of rich nutrients and with it, a return of predators to the water - be cautious be safe!

Tal En'anar:

  • ::EVENT:: Spring Equinox Masquerade: March 24th at 2 pm SLT: Check Calendar for all the info and notices to prepare soon!
  • A state of Emergency has taken over Tal En'Anar. After the sighting of a corrupted pixie Ex, A corrupted Avariel usually known as the Tari's Consort has gone missing... along with the Tari and The Elven Commander. Ophelia Yvresse declares regency in an emergency and Alexandra (jessica Kiffer) as de facto Commander til the return of Dara
  • The once-lifted ban on Mer of Vathia Nera will henceforth be imposed until such a time that they can be deemed to not be the source of the corruption as declared by the regent.
  • Couriers have been see running from Tal to Inform allies and friends, to the extent of which is beneficial, to the nature of the ongoing problems.

Ro'ark Pack:.

  • ::EVENT:: The full moon will be on 3/20
  • ::EVENT:: Tryst of the Ro'Ark will be hosting a hunt for the Ro'Ark and the Vathia Nera on 3/22 at 4pm SLT.
  • The elves brought a prisoner to Koth'ar. He was confined to a cell and attacked Triste, Riseg of the Ro'Ark.. After a failed attempt to free him from Ksenia, Ro'Ark Utlender, he was banished from the mountain.
  • Ksenia attempted to free a prisoner in Ro'Ark cells. Any of the pack that are able, are to find her and put her in a cell until the Ulfric can talk to her.
  • Ulfric Mela and has been in and out of meetings all week with various faction heads. Pack gossips are having a field day with what this could mean.

The Wardens of Blackgate:

  • The meeting called between the Wilds that was hosted by the Wardens was deemed a success. An uneasy agreement was made. 
  • Hooded figures have been seen rushing through the streets of Lorstead.
  • Sounds of construction are still ongoing, raw materials now are taking shape into buildings
  • New Caraids:
    • Dragmire
    • Parisa 
  • Multiple Contracts have been taken out:
    • Seen the Rain - Open & Ongoing
    • Off With His Head- Open