Aurelia is the largest continent on Lynnea, the most vast and said to be one of the most beautifully diverse. With rolling hills, high mountains, forests with a bounty of color and fertile grasslands, it has grown into a prosperous place to live and is home to various native and foreign races. Established here is only one very large centralized kingdom amongst the spread of racial factions, nomadic people and self-governed villages. Creatures of all shapes and sizes roam these lands, some malicious and prowling the wilderness while others harmless, peacefully living amongst the trees. It is rumored even a dragon or two have claimed territories in the area. Located in the west, Aurelia is believed to be the area where the first humans took their steps towards creating civilization thousands of years ago by the will of Ayn.

Throughout Aurelia, shrines, new, visited, and even abandoned can be found. The most common is the Mother Goddess, Ayn, worshiped mainly by the many humans that thrive here. Offerings of carved wooden animals, fresh fruit, and tokens of an individual’s life around candles are usually found at the base of her statues. People who worship Ayn take great care to light any candles that have gone out, even if they are simply passing by. It is said that if you take the time to do this simple task that Ayn blesses you with good fortune and to ignore it is an act of great disrespect. The only area in Aurelia that Ayn’s shrines seem to not litter is the territory of Tal En’nim or otherwise known as the City of White or The White City. A high elven kingdom that lies east of the Venucian Empire and is the only other faction that is big enough to combat said Empire. Xenophobic, these elves live in an extravagant porcelain city with towering walls laced with their precious trees deep within a beautiful deciduous forest. This forest is heavily patrolled by elven soldiers and rangers, guarding their territory against Venucian poachers that try to hunt and forage rare animals and plants that are protected by Tal En’nim. Both parties till this day hold a strong distaste from one another and frequently skirmish over land and resources.