Nokko Ina; "Crysania"

     In the waters of The Violetold Ocean nearest the equator is where the world grows fattest and crystal blue waters that make the sky jealous house healthy coral reefs with vibrant fish of every color. Gleaming in pulchritude, the archipelago of tiny low-laying islands filled with mangroves and other wetlands rests here, forming Nokko Ina as it is called in Mermish, or in common the country of Crysania. Made up of 27 islands, all teeming with life, only a few have been worthy enough to take a name and these include, Inonnev, Senaru, Kinoe, Casav, Enadu, Xonoa, Heatelk, and Inakero. The rest are called various names by the ones that inhabit them though all the natives of these islands respect that when the time comes, the traditional naming ceremony will take place to give soul to the earth they stand on. This ritual is called, Fanau, meaning Birth in Crotoan, the common language other than Mermish on Nokko Ina. Not many outsiders understand the ritual or what the significance is of the timing for it, but there are claims that there is a sign from the gods that only their people may witness. 

     Despite the large population of Merfolk, non-mer are welcome in Crysania.  On the largest island, called Xonoa, there is a decent docking area, a harbor that has grown with trading posts run by merchants from Sar'skri, Aurelia and Hokoth.  But, due to the hot, humid climate of Nokko Ina and the terrible insect problem, most who enjoy the cold or do not like free roaming wildlife tend not stay. There is, however, on the 15th island known as Heatelk, a native settlement of humans called the Cro'aeli. These people over the centuries have coexisted with their fish-like neighbors and currently inhabit many of the various 27 islands in different tribes and clans.