::Current Weather on Valesk::

The temperatures of Valesk continue to drift upwards touching right at 65 F/18 C during the day and lows in the 37 F/ 3 C at night. Rains and storms have moved in, some severe in nature. Bringing hail and cloud to ground lightning at times. These will move off from the isle on Wednesday 4/17 and leaving gorgeous sunny days for the remainder of the week.  

 :: Current Location of Valesk::

While the Isle grows warmer and lush, the water surrounding Valesk has become crystal blue and frigid. Entering the territory of Hokoth and the Dread Isles, Valesk is haunted by lingering Verl pods, watchful pirate ships, and desolate icy outcrops.

 :: Sim-Wide News::  

New Aberwyth Rises! Stay Tuned For Details.

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:: Faction Updates::

Any Businesses Looking For An Owner Can Apply Here!

City of Myrinne:

  • [EVENTS]
    • All available Legion Soldiers are requested to report in on Sunday 4/14 at 10AM SLT
    • There will be a Legion recruitment event on Saturday 4/27 at 3PM SLT.
    • Legate Heinrich and Immunes Sila will be joining together in marriage on Saturday 4/13 at 5PM SLT
  • The vampire that had killed Lightbringer Matias was captured in a stroke of luck by the owner of the Infirmary, Archibald, the vampire was sentenced to death by being locked in a coffin and sent out to sea.
  • In a surprising turn, Lightbringer Matias showed up to his own funeral alive with a wild tale to tell about his survival. While the experience was jarring for those close to the Paladin, the City and many others are happy to have him back.
  • A panhandler by the name of Hans was arrested after publicly urinating in the town fountain and awaits punishment, talk of indentured servitude was mentioned but we’ll see what happens.
  • During the ladies night in the bathhouse, spiders, presumably from the Ansani brood had attacked said establishment, customers ran, customers fought, eventually the Legion arrived to clean up.
  • Still no word from the Elven diplomats, tensions remain at heightened pace and the Viceroy awaits with baited breath to see what will come of it, hopefully peace will be on the table.
  • Seana Liam has joined the Legion's ranks as the newest member of the Velites Cohort
  • Businesses still need to be filled:
    • The Imperial Refinery(Blacksmith)
    • The Farmlands

Conclave of Astreya:

  • Following the banishment of Vathia Nera from Astreya the Magistrix has been seen meeting with an emissary of the merfolk.
  • Rumors spread that the Magistrix has agreed to meet with the Idani, as a show of good faith the mer were allowed to attend the ball in Astreya held for the Festival of Stars.
  • A small delegation of Astreya to Hokoth in a quest to find a wyvern.
  • Interested in working in the Conclave? Scholars and paragons are sought. Contact Dannika Dryke for more information.

City of Idoreth:

  • Rumor of the heavy tension between The Fae and Idoreth is more than confirmed now, the city seems to be preparing for something and while the population is still in the dark about what is it, they are certain it won’t be pretty.
  • There is a heavy presence of Blackguards around the city, more vigilant and alert, specially outside the tunnel entrance to the city.
  • Idoreth is hosting their well known monthly auction this Saturday. Crates and several small ships were seen entering the city, delivering crates and such. There was a lot of movement in the market. Get ready to spend some good coin in unique goods!
  • Idoreth is hosting their monthly Dark Mass on the 14th. Get your sacrifices and offerings ready, the Gods deserve it!
  • The Sacellum and it’s priestesses are still looking for competent novitiates for the priesthood of the True Gods. Do you think you have what it takes? Please seek out, Halcyon or Corsella to join.
  • Want to find out what’s going on in Idoreth? Visit the Salty Wench Tavern today! Share and drink or maybe two…what can possibly go wrong?
  • All businesses are hiring IC’ly right now (Tavern, Infirmary, Smithy, Opium Den-Brothel)
  • Did you know you can rank up? The Tolle Solis and city of Idoreth have several paths and ranks for you to choose from and develop your story. Wanna be at Court? Perhaps an Ambassador? Focus on religion instead? Check out our ranks here: https://thelynneachronicles.enjin.com/lynneaforums/m/37024762/viewthread/31900203-tolle-solis-idoreth-ranks - If interested message meileenprincessor davidleechild.

Na Seauir:

  • ::EVENT::Fae Gathering 4/16/2019
  • -A Gnoll was spotted attacking Fae and was captured in the wilds. .
  • Fae have been spotted in group gathering, mining and foraging...stockpiling for what?? .
  • The Fae went on a grand adventure to Hokoth and saved a village,fought fires and brought back something mysterious that is hidden away. .
  • The Ironwood tree has suddenly changed to the season of Fall. What could be going on there? Is Nature going wonky? .
  • The An Banrion has seemed off. Tired,and taxed and strained yet driven more and more in a new initiative. .
  • A Mer was discovered to be cursed and broken from the curse to discover she was a Nymph all along! .
  • A few Mysterious figures have been seen coming and going from the Fae Wilds, one brought back what looked like to be a Demon’s Horn and Sword. What could be going on there? .
  • The Voice of Winter (Artemis) is reaching out to those seeking to learn more about the Winter Season and delve into the magics of the seasons. .
  • Demons have been spotted in the wilds, threatening to seek revenge for the past. A missive goes out for the Wilds to be Careful. .
  • Voice of seasons positions are now available :Inquire with Nariel or Char’Karu for more info) .
  • Fae are patrolling the wilds more increased than usual. Expect to be questioned and asked for tribute.

Vathia Nera:

  • The ban is still in effect on Astreya. Council is working hard to get that alleviated
  • Leave it up to the Vathia Nera to be the only ones that can save a fae. Rumors that the Emissary has a plan in the works to free a certain corrupted pixie to circulate.
  • There are council positions open! Seek out Pua if you'd like to help take on some responsibility in the shoal!
  • Welcome New Members:
    • Galathea (FrancescaMorielli)
    • Ianthe (Adnamanna)

Tal En'anar:

  • Rumor has it the commander has finally returned! Fae folk and the like we’re seen near the infirmary helping..
  • The Tari and a known associated being were seen sparring in the Wilds before it went haywire. Fire, kissing and the infamous assault from Merah led to her fleeing!
  • The warden Lord Inquisitor has been seen a lot in Tal, sparking rumors... later on an escort took the regent and Tari to a disclosed location for talks!
  • The Elven Military has now become The Sundari, embodied by Cybele and the eternal Sun.

Ro'ark Pack:.

  • ::EVENT:: Oathing ceremony on 4/14 @ 5pm slt
  • ::EVENT:: Full Moon will be Thursday 4/18. Moon rises @ 6 pm slt
  • New Utlenders!
    • Kaelen
    • Remylos
    • Jake
    • Iada

The Wardens of Blackgate:

  • The sounds of construction are rampant in the general direction of New Aberwyth. To add to the bustle, wardens are seen going out to the neighboring villages and recruiting for a sizeable guard force needed to patrol the new walls.
  • Dag Bearheart's IC promotion to Lord Inquisitor is now common knowledge, and there has been a noticeable uptick in scouting parties.
  • Wardens can be seen scaling the walls, only to climb down the other side, and repeating that process.
  • Ogres have started to move back into the swamps around the New Kingdoms borders, a conflict is only a matter of time.
  • Multiple Contracts have been taken out:
    • Seen the Rain - Open & Ongoing
    • Off With His Head- Open