::Current Weather on Valesk::

Temperatures currently hover around 31F/-1C during the daylight hours, plummeting lower during the night.
Light flurries continue to blanket the island in a fine layer of snow. 

 :: Current Location of Valesk::

The Isle is Leaving The Great Sea and moving steadily toward Hokoth.

 :: Sim-Wide News::

We will be offering the opportunity to all staff to put themselves up for “bidding” for a “date” with a lucky player. Curious check out the notecard! We will be finishing up this Auction at an OOC Party on Saturday, the 23rd, starting at @ 3pm SLT. The Theme: A Kinda Futuristic Retro. Lots of Neon, Lots of Love.
Check out the notecard attached to the in-world notice!

 Staff Positions Are Available!
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:: Faction Updates::

Any Businesses Looking For An Owner Can Apply Here!

City of Myrinne:

  • Bombing Aftermath: The Legion is keeping a closer watch on any who come through the city gates. As a reminder - deep hoods, masks, and covering helms must be removed in the city.
  • Rebuilding the Infirmary: Senator Dragmire has been overseeing the reconstruction of the Infirmary.
  • Crime Watch: Grimnar was convicted of the capture and murder of two Mer, then deserted his posting as a Centurion. The Vathia Nera and Legion are seeking him to put him to death.
  • Travel Advisory: The Vathia Nera has issued a warning to the citizens of the city to stay away from their waters while they grieve their slain soldier.
  • The Watchtower in the Farmlands is no longer under Imperial control. Travelers should avoid seeking aid there until it is reclaimed.

Conclave of Astreya:

  • Selitos has been named winner of the Astreyan Magic Tournament following his match with Ilsa. He will be getting a prize for his victory.
  • Astreya is still in search of Paragons and Scholars. Contact Qarinah (Dannika Dryke) if you're interested.
  • Various business are looking for workers and owners. Interested in running a business or working at one? Contact Qarinah (Dannika Dryke).

City of Idoreth:

  • ::EVENT:: A Unique Celebration at the Siren's Tear Feb 17th @ 7pm SLT
  • The barrier that surrounded Idoreth was taken down early in the week.
  • The alliance between Vathia Nera and Idoreth growing strong. Many are seeing enjoying what the undercity offers.
  • Idoreth defended the tower and won. Legion forces attempted to claim it back, Blackguards defeated the enemy. The tower belongs to Idoreth now.
  • The Salty Wench Tavern hosted a party for the Blackguard, many people attended to celebrate them.
  • Rumors of an auction happening soon run all of the city.
  • All businesses are hiring IC’ly right now (Tavern, Infirmary, Smithy, Opium Den-Brothel)

Na Seauir:

Vathia Nera:

  • Welcome Puakai Mahelona is the new Idani of the Vathia Nera!
  • The mer had a standoff with Myrrine, The Idani had both Vathia Nerans and Blackguard at her side
  • There are whispers that travelers lingering to close to the water's edge keep going missing
  • Vathia Nera council is looking to have their seats filled. Think you've got what it takes? Contact Puakai (saullt) or Dante (blitzfallveryan) ICly!
  • Welcome new members!
    • Sefina Pearl (Victoria Loveless)
    • Arianis Lantia (SashaTiger98)
    • ღ Ńëvєαh rαyиღ (novastorm16)

Tal En'anar:

  • ::EVENT:: Feast at the White Chalice Feb 17th @ 4pm SLT
  • Merfolk and those Allied to Vathia Nera are banned from the City.. Approach if you dare.

Ro'ark Pack:.

  • ::EVENT:: Oathing ceremony is 2/16 @ 2pm
  • ::EVENT:: Full moon will be 2/20 - Shanti the half-elf will be known as a friend to the pack.
  • Ulfric Mela was kidnapped and taken off the island. She is back and in good health.
  • The Alpine was 2/15. For those that missed it, it will be found on the forums.
  • Brigid has been healed of the Withering
  • Council positions are still available. Contact Mela (Dyonistra) for more info.

The Wardens of Blackgate:

  • New Caraids:
    • Cloudy Day
  • New Recruits:
    • Roland 
    • Kouno
    • Zatanna
  • Multiple Contracts have been taken out:
    • Seen the Rain - Open & Ongoing