To the far east is the island Sar'skri. A brutal climate of intense ever-changing winds that batters sandy desert on the far southeastern side of the area. Across from it lays a dusty savannah that intensifies into a lush tropical forest. The Isle is a temperate place, humid and dry more often than not, where freshwater is dependent on the rain, a large oasis and the vegetation growing about the northwestern forest.   Colonized on Sar’skri are two major kingdoms, Jomor’kri otherwise known as Jomor, and Faludron, with underlying nomadic tribes of Orc and Faldarians, Shirazi glarings and self-governed villages.

         The two kingdoms have been rivals for centuries, each trying to outdo the other in whatever way they can: technology, innovation, craftsmanship, and even education, though not entirely advanced, both are a prideful culture. This is believed to stem from a rivalry between the two original groups who lived in Sar’skri, the Shirazi of Angaia and the nomadic human tribe of Morn. During a years-long drought, the Shirazi of Angaia pleaded to their god Sarus for a miracle, refuge, relief or the end of their suffering and it is thought that of their cries for mercy, Sarus was pained to see his people in such torture and turned himself into water, filling the desert now known as The Nakil Desert with a great Oasis. From there the Shirazi quenched their thirst and began building their future kingdom of Jomor’kri along the water’s shore. Jealous of such a gift, the humans of Morn would frequently combat the Shirazi for their right to the water source but each time was driven back further and eventually settled and adapted to the sticky, humid climate of the forest at the edges of the island, sprouting the rise of Faludron. From this lore, the Shirazi and the human’s now recognized as Faldarians,  continue to war to this day.