Hokoth and The Dread Isles

    To the north, the Great Sea draws into the Frigid Ocean that is home to a rocky and boreal island chain that pierces through the chilled waters. Filled with jagged glacial and stone outcrops, these waters commonly shipwreck those who do not know the ways of navigating them. Labeled the Dread Isles, it is a patch of rough, unrelenting and bitterly cold water that sends shivers down sailor’s spines at the very thought of braving it. It is thought to be the place where Cryso, the sea god, tossed his self-mutilated heart after his lover, the Sky goddess Aither’s, betrayal and cracked the once ice-ladened continent into several pieces that now form the long stretch of islands. Temperatures here range below the freezing point of water constantly and cake the terrain in layers of ice and snow. These conditions make the Dread Isles tough and unforgiving though on the largest island to the southeast there seems to be salvation in a small, sparse coniferous woodland called the Brittleleaf Woods. Here in these trees rolls a beautiful tundra that is merciful enough to support a larger ecosystem.

         In addition to the cruel nature of the north, bands of roving pirate crews battle each other and the native tribes for territory and cargo, using a mixture of grappling hooks, magic, and brutal force. The largest and most powerful crew flies under the flag of the ‘Crimson Star’ run by the terrible she-demon, Captain Nefar Skullblade and currently controls the largest island, which is known as Hokoth, a den of debauchery, desires and the damned. The settlement of this Island has only existed for eleven years, titled and erected with the ongoing reign of Captain Skullblade. There are no rules in Hokoth. Anything goes if you have enough money, sway, or force - or are simply clever enough not to be caught by the Captain’s lackeys. This wooden and ice shanty town is barely a city, but trade still does trickle in and out, for it serves as a major exporter of fur, fat, fish, salt, ice, and slaves. In its present, only a handful of traders have begun trading in this newly minted city but with each year, it appears to grow larger.

         Khelek'eska, a kingdom of Moon Elves, flourish and combat a larger force that often terrorizes the Dread Isles at the very heart it's Brittleleaf Woods. An ancient Ice Dragon by the name of Arrador, which has laid claim to the Islands for years and had lived in peace with its inhabitants till the disturbance of Nefar and her pirates. It is rumored that a treasured piece of his hoard had been stolen, and now revenge has fueled his attacks. The only ones safe from this hellish nightmare seem to be the Verl Merfolk that only playfully feed the fire of the surfacer’s torment.